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Advanced Lone Wolf

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Advanced Lone Wolf Empty Advanced Lone Wolf

Post by Justindoodler Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:12 am

Advanced Lone Wolf
Here is an idea to add more complexity to LWAG without changing the system dramatically.

Pick a random number, adding a characteristic (rated 0-5), a skill (rated +1, +2 or +3) and any traits, disciplines or other modifiers that apply.  

You need to equal or exceed a target's opposed roll or the Target Value:

Simple 5
Easy 6
Standard 7
Difficulty 8
Tricky 9
Complicated 10
Challenging 11
Arduos 12
Nigh Impossible 13

Primary Characteristics
Agility: Dexterity and nimbleness
Brawn: Strength and toughness
Intellect: Intelligence and reasoning
Empathy: Presence and intuition
Resolve: Willpower and determination

Secondary Characteristics
COMBAT SKILL: Agility plus Brawn, modified by Role or Archetype
ENDURANCE: Brawn plus Resolve, modified by Role or Archetype
WILLPOWER: Resolve plus Intellect or Empathy, modified by Role or Archetype

Assign 12 points to your primary characteristics, assigning 0-5 to each.


Acrobatics (Agility)
Crafting (Intellect)
Escape (Agility)
Influence (Empathy)
Investigate (Empathy)
Medicine (Intellect)
Might (Brawn)
Occult (Intellect)
Perception (Empathy)
Riding (Agility)
Sage (Intellect)
Stealth (Agility)
Survival (Resolve)
Tinkering (Intellect)
Vocation (Varies)

Depending on the task, other characteristics may be used. For example, to intimidate a foe may require a Brawn plus Intimidate check. To deduce facts from a crime scene may require an Intellect plus Investigate check. To paint a self portrait may require an Empathy plus Crafting check.

Choose 2 skills, gaining +1 in each.

Choose 2 Traits.

Example Kai Lord

Silent Fox
Agility: 4
Brawn: 3
Intellect: 1
Empathy: 2
Resolve: 2

Combat Skill: 17
Endurance: 25
Willpower: 14

Influence +1 (+5), Stealth +1 (+6)

Agile (+1 to checks to avoid traps and pitfalls), Nimble (+1 acrobatics and Stealth checks)


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