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Starting with Weapon and Armour Qualities

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Starting with Weapon and Armour Qualities Empty Starting with Weapon and Armour Qualities

Post by Justindoodler Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:28 am

Here is an idea for allowing pcs to start with items with qualities.

Quality Weapons and Armour
Players may choose to start with a quality weapons and armour. Each quality added requires an additional item choice during character generation. Listed below are suitable qualities for your starting armour or weapons, but others can be added with the Narrators approval. Selecting the quality again increases the rating by 1. You may also buy such weapons or armour. Each Quality increases the weapon's cost by 100%, so an Axe with Cleaving 2 would cost 24 gc.

Axe (Cleaving, Throwing, Heavy)
Bor Musket (Impact)
Bor Pistol (Quick)
Bow (Piercing)
Broadsword (Heavy, Versatile)
Cutlass/Naval Short Sword (Defensive, Balanced)
Dagger (Small, Throwing, Piercing)
Handbolt (Throwing, Piercing)
Knife (Throwing, Small, Quick)
Lance (Impact, Reach)
Mace (Impact, Heavy)
Quarterstaff (Balanced, Defensive)
Short Sword (Quick, Versatile)
Shiel-Fa (Piercing, Quick)
Sickle (Cleaving, Quick)
Spear (Throwing, Reach, Versatile)
Sword (Versatile, Defensive, Heavy)
Warhammer (Heavy, Piercing, Impact)

Buckler (Striking)
Chainmail Waistcoat (Heavy, Tiring)
Chainmail Hauberk (Heavy,Tiring)
Hide Armour (Heavy)
Leather Armour (Heavy)
Full Plate Armour (Heavy, Striking, Tiring)
Shield (Striking, Tiring)
Sommlending Type 1 Shield (Striking)
Sommlending Type 2 Shield (Striking)
Studded Leather Armour (Heavy)

Both the Heavy and Tiring qualities actually reduce the effectiveness of armour. The Heavy Quality reduces the item by 20% per rating (Max 4),  or for starting items, you gain an additional number of starting items equal to it's Heavy rating. The Tiring quality reduces the item's cost to 20% per Tiring Rating (Max 5), or for starting items, you gain an additional number of starting items equal to 5 minus the Tiring rating. No armour can be reduced to less than 20% of its normal price, however.

For example, a player wants to buy a suit of Plate Armour. Since thats going to cost them 800 Gcs, they elect to purchase one with Tiring 3, and Heavy 2. That will reduce the items price to 60% of its cost for Tiring, reduced down to 20% for the Heavy 2 quality. The player buys the ill fitting cumbersome armour for 40 gcs, but will suffer dreadful penalties when wearing it (-7 to Initiative order, -2 to all relevant tasks, and loses 1 Defence per turn after 3 turns.


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Starting with Weapon and Armour Qualities Empty Re: Starting with Weapon and Armour Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:01 pm

I like these ideas. I'd argue that some weapons should have built in qualities, by there very nature. A Bow should be Two Handed and Ranged, a Dagger should have Small.
I'd also suggest that Two Handed should be considered a drawback, like with Heavy and Tiring. Yes, you get the +1CS bonus for two handed use, but you can't dual wield (+1CS, plus whatever weapons qualities the second weapon may have) or use a shield (bonuses to both CS and DEF).

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