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Storms as Adversaries Empty Storms as Adversaries

Post by Hamarr on Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:22 pm

I am playing in a pbp game where currently the Loremaster is challenging the party using a Storm as an Adversary. He got the idea from Fate, as well as an old post from the old forum about using the High Pass as an adversary. So I decided to adapt his rules into a more complex rules system. Think of this as a combination of Journeys and Combat.

The man thins to consider is that Storms have an Attribute, Hate Score, Endurance, an Attack skill, as well as Edge and Injury. The players need to reduce the Endurance of the Storm before and then the Storm will abate. When a Storm is out of Hate it becomes "weary".

I used the types of Lands as a base line to create different types of storms with different difficulties. So Storms in Free Lands are easier, and Dark Land storms are the hardest. This is where I would like the most help, as I don't know if they might be too hard or too easy. The Dark Lands seem a bit much, and I think the AL might be too high.

A run down of running a Storm.
Players will choose a stance Forward, Open, Defensive. And then add their Heart to the TN of the chosen stance. This will be their TN that the storm must beat in order to do harm. A round lasts the whole day, and each player gets the one action that is abstracted out into the whole day. Players roll their Travel skill in order to deal Endurance loss. On a normal success they deal their Heart score, adding their Heart again on GS and ES. The storm will also roll an attack and if it beats anyones TN the players will gain fatigue (debating on if this should just be one fatigue or the players travel gear. On a GS or ES just add more fatigue.)

When the players roll Travel if they roll an Eye a Hazard will come up that the company must face. There are other actions that can be taken, in Forward a player can roll awe to reduce the Hate of a Storm. In open a player can Rally comrades (This rally instead of gaining Endurance, will remove any fatigue the party gained while IN the storm. Normal Journey fatigue cannot be lost this way.) or Enherrten comrades. Or a player in defensive can Protect companion to use their TN instead of a person in open and forward.

Here is a link to my google doc worksheet. Any suggestions would love to hear them!

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