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Foresight of their Kindred Empty Foresight of their Kindred

Post by Fenton Hardy on Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:48 am

I have two Rangers in my campaign, and my players and I are curious to know how others have handled the very cool but to me somewhat ambiguous Cultural Blessing Foresight of their Kindred. One of my players found some related posts in the old forums but no one gave specific gameplay examples. To start, I admit that we have been using the trait incorrectly up to this point in that the Ranger who invokes Foresight has been receiving a vision, a portent of the future. The rules indicate that the Ranger receives a vague warning tied to a skill in a specific situation. Despite being against the rules, I do like using revealed visions because they have led to some great role playing and contributed significantly to the narrative. Still want a better handle on how it is supposed to be used RAW.

1. We understand that Foresight works like any other trait in that it can be used to achieve and auto-success, to gain AP on a successful roll, or to make a roll when no roll would be normally allowed. In what situations do you use it, and how specific are the warnings the Ranger receives?

2. How do you handle Foresight with more than one Dunedain in the company? Do they operate independently or are the two attuned and perhaps share different aspects of the same warning?

3. Ours is a play-by-post game and the rules stipulate that the trait can be invoked for one session. How do you handle that when there are no sessions in PbP? One option is to permit a certain number of invocations each adventure phase and after that the trait cannot be invoked until the after the next fellowship phase. Another option is to say that since each published adventure is divided into parts to say that two parts (or some other number) is equivalent to a session.

I am probably overthinking this, but any suggestions or examples would be most welcome.
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Foresight of their Kindred Empty Re: Foresight of their Kindred

Post by geomtje on Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:26 am

I have no direct experience with this and its been a while back since I have read about this Cultural Blessing, but here goes.

I have always believed that it could be used once a certain situation arises. So lets imagine that your party is being ambushed; your dunedain could suggest that he has foreseen this and that the party is therefore aware of the ambushed. Or maybe he invokes his attribute during a puzzle; giving him a ‘vision’ of an important clue.

I like the sandbox aproach of this method, though I understand that some might want an important clue on forehand, about whats to come during the adventure (though this might be more realistic, I do not believe that this is the actual mechanic and it raises more issues during the game).

As for your questions:
1) it doesn’t matter how specific the warnings are if you auto succes a roll, hand out AP & allowe for a role, since your are giving them a ‘reward’. However, it does add to the flavour of the storry, so thats up to you.

I wouldn’t make it to obviouse and give them a solvable riddle, if you would opt for a clue on forehand. Visions tend to have a hidden/double meaning, which usually take some effort to figure out.

2) very interesting. Depending on how often they would use their cultural blessing, I would either let them have their own or they would receive a less impacting warning. I think it would depend on the situation if it would be about the same thing or something different.

3) I have no ecperience with pbp, but my guess is that you would allowe it once per time frame (once per week/month/etc) depending on your groups ritm. Or maybe x amount per adventure phase.

I personally tend to have ‘chapters’ during my adventure phase, with each chapter taking place during one session. So you could also use those intervals, if you have chapters or if you have devided your adventure into parts.

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